Anacron Plugin For OMV6

Anacron Plugin For OMV6

Anacron can be used to execute commands periodically, with intervals of daily, weekly or monthly. Unlike cron, it does not assume that the machine is running continuously. Anacron can be used on machines that aren’t running 24 hours a day, to control daily, weekly, and monthly jobs that are usually controlled by cron. If powered off and a job is due, Anacron will run it after the next bootup.

In OMV6's GUI:
Under System, Plugins, find and highlight openmediavault-anacron 6.X, and click the install button.

Under Services, Anacron, Click the Create icon.

  • Enabled: The job must be Enabled to run automatically. (Disabled jobs can be run manually.)
  • Period: Select the interval required for the job.
  • Delay: Delay is in minutes, after boot up.
  • Identifier: This is an optional user comment field.
  • User: To insure that the command line is granted the necessary permissions to execute, root (the default) is a good choice.
  • Command: Enter a command line in this field as it would be entered on the command line.
  • Send Email: Command output, if any, will be mailed to the E-mail account configured in Server Notifications.
  • Save the job.

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