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CPU Temp Plugin For OMV6

CPU Temp Plugin For OMV6

The openmediavault-cputemp plugin provides OMV with the ability to display on the dashboard the temperatures recorded by the system's sensors.

To achieve this goal, the plugin uses the lm-sensors software package. This package parses and displays existing sensors, the plugin collects the values ​​and translates them for display in the GUI.

While this OMV plugin makes the lm-sensors package easy to integrate into openmediavault, the lm-sensors package itself was created by a third party. See the project / author's β†’ HWMon web page for more detailed information and support.

In OMV6's GUI:
Under System > Plugins, find and highlight openmediavault-cputemp 6.X, and click the install button.

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