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 {{ :armbian1_sd-card.jpg?80 |}} {{ :armbian1_sd-card.jpg?80 |}}
-**Important** +** Important Release Note** \\ 
-  When selecting an Image, again, **don't** use an image with a desktop+As of **4/4/2022**, the R-PI foundation dropped the default **pi** user and password **raspberry** which affects this build guide\\ 
-  * Go to the [[|Raspberry PI OS download page]] and select the download for **Raspberry Pi OS Lite - 64 bit**.   +Until this difference can be reconciled, download → [[|this image]]. \\   
-  * Make a note of the **SHA-256** hash number found, or bookmark the download web page for reference.+The SHA256 check sum is: d694d2838018cf0d152fe81031dba83182cee79f785c033844b520d222ac12f5 \\ 
 +This image will build in accordance with this guide and will be fully up to date when complete. 
 {{ :divider2.png?800 |}} {{ :divider2.png?800 |}}
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